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Past Performances





Griswold Hall, Peabody Institute



Griswold Hall, Peabody Institute




Natalie M Haslam Music Center



Wiley H. Bates Middle School



Rhymes With Opera

New Chamber Music Workshop


Atlas Composers Collective

Emerging Composers Forum


Sean McFarland Senior Recital



Livewire 4, Student Concert



Spring Dance Showcase



UMBC Composer's Concert



Livewire 3, Student Concert



Blink : An Exploration into Inspiration


Livewire 2, Electronics Express II



The 24 Hour Concert

04.20.17, 7:30pm

My Name Means the Shape That I Am


10.20.16, 7:30pm

49 Chords for the Victims of Pulse Nightclub


06.17.16, 7pm



06.10.15, 7pm



08.18.14, 8pm

The Drift


06.08.14, 3pm

If Heaven Excerpt


11.01.13, 8pm

Various Pieces


10.25.13, 12pm

Four Songs for a Color Field


05.9-11.13, 8pm

Holocene (Prelude to "Theme")


12.2.12, 8pm

O Living Always


10.26.12, 12pm



11.30.11, 1pm

Venus Inverse


10.28.11, 12pm



06.27.11, 8pm

Central Girders



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